Raw Material Division

Raw Material Division

Raw Material Division has engaged in supplying and importing leaf tobacco, flavors, and chemical products since our establishment, and has expanded business into production/laboratory instruments, food grade starch, and agricultural cultivation machineries.
● Leaf Tobacco Department

Import of leaf tobacco and export of agricultural
cultivation machineries.


We engage in importing leaf tobacco from overseas manufactured
Tobacco products, and export of cultivation machineries for mechanization of agriculture.

● Flavors & Chemical Product Department

Sales of flavors, food additives and industrial
chemical products.


We supply flavors and food additives which are used for manufactured
Tobacco, and also handle industrial chemical products.

●Instruments Department

Import, sales and maintenance of measuring instruments.


We import and sell physical property measuring instruments and parts.
We also undertake maintenance and inspection.

●Food Products Material Department

Import and sales of starch.


Import Food grade starch and rice flour as an ingredient customized
Dor various food products Thailand, Denmark and The Netherlands ect.


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