What is Tobacco?

Anyone who hears the word “tobacco” thinks of supposed cigarettes (tobacco rolled in paper). However, there are other types of tobacco in the world.

Cigars, for example. As you may be aware, they are tobacco wrapped in tobacco leaves. Did you know that there is a wide variety of cigars? We often associate the word with Cuban cigars, known as luxurious cigars; however, there are also cigarette-shaped ones termed little cigars and compact ones termed cigarillos. They are cigars regardless of their shape as long as they are wrapped in tobacco leaves. In fact, little cigars and cigarillos are more preferable as daily cigars. In European cafes and bars, an overwhelming number of cigar smokers enjoy cigarillos, which they can consume in a short time span like cigarettes. The basic components of cigars are wrappers, binders, and fillers. Although the size is compact, most cigarillos are manufactured with these three components. Wrappers are the most important part as they determine the taste and flavor. Many cigarillos are rolled in natural wrappers, similar to authentic ones, and are termed premium cigars. Discovering cigarillos that suit your taste can add extra pleasure to your daily life.
Now, let us discuss about hand rolled tobacco. This is the popular tobacco that appears in TV dramas and magazines. A benefit of hand rolled tobacco is that you can customize it to your taste. You can create your original blend by mixing different kinds of tobacco and combine the flavors that suit the blend. There are numerous kinds of wrappers and filters, which can create infinite numbers of possible combinations. Some of the products are promoted as additive-free and unbleached, so you can pursue your ultimate blend to enjoy the taste of tobacco more directly. Above all, hand rolled tobacco is good value for money. Compared to a cigarette, you can adjust the amount of tobacco used per roll, which allows smokers to create their favorite tobacco while lowering the cost.

Isn’t it a connoisseur way of enjoying tobacco if you can choose your original combination from a wide variety of choices according to the time of day, the place, the situation and mood you are in?

Enjoy Roll Your Own Cigarette