Food Ingredients Business

Food Ingredients Business

The import and sale of starch and food ingredients

We offer various food ingredients, mainly food-grade starch produced in Thailand and other Asian nations.

List of Products:

-Unprocessed Starch

tapioca starch, waxy tapioca starch, potato starch, sago starch, rice starch, waxy corn starch, corn starch, wheat starch, and other types of starch

-Processed Starch

Various kinds of food-grade processed starch (the processed starch approved for use under the Japanese Food Sanitation Act)
Various kinds of industrial processed starch (to be used as glues, for sizing, etc.)

-Special Starch and Other Processed Products

Various kinds of Alpha (soluble in cold water) starch
Organic starch
Food-grade dextrin

-Food Powders and Flavors

Seasoning extract powders
Natural extract powders
Instant drink powders
Spice powders
Seasoning flavors


Premix rice flour
Oyster sauce
Various sauce ingredients
Arare rice crackers
Wheat flour products

-Functional Food Ingredients

Low GI ingredients
Protein made from algae