Greetings from the President

T. Akiyama & Co. was established in 1919 by the founder, Takashi Akiyama. Since then, the trading company has continued to grow for over a century by expanding our client base mainly through tobacco-related businesses.

There are two aspects we have considered important since the company was founded.

One is to maintain our sincere attitude and appreciation and conduct our jobs in good faith. That is the starting point of our business. We wish to continue being a reliable business partner that our customers can trust in the near future, as we have been in the past.

Another is to deliver pleasure and fulfillment to society through our business. Both in our original tobacco business and our growing food business, we will continue to undertake efforts to capture changes in society and consumers’ tastes to deliver a happy and fulfilling time to a vast number of people.

Despite the fact that society has changed dramatically, our mindset has remained unchanged for over a century. We will continue to follow this philosophy, build a relationship of trust with our customers, and strive for further mutual development for the next hundred years.

Yutaka Akiyama, President and CEO of T. Akiyama & Co.